The fastest way to build an inclusive interview process with structured interviews, behavioral interview questions, and scorecards.

About Yardstick

Yardstick helps you...

  1. Hire the best candidate the first time
  2. Establish an equitable interviewing process
  3. Reduce the time it takes to hire talent
  4. Ensure a great candidate experience

Here's How

Yardstick makes it fast and easy to build interview guides by suggesting questions for each interview in the hiring sequence. The questions are customized to the role based on the level, job type, key competencies, and your company's core values.

Yardstick also provides a tool for conducting interviews, collecting interview notes, and scoring candidates based on their ability to achieve goals and perform competencies.

Finally, your hiring team will be guided through a candidate debrief to make a hiring decision. Throughout, Yardstick has been designed to reduce cognitive bias in decision-making and create an inclusive candidate-friendly process.

Yardstick features

The integration between Yardstick and Lever allows Jobs in Lever to be added to Yardstick. This makes Job candidates in Lever accessible from Yardstick. Candidate data added in Yardstick is sent back to Lever.

Yardstick screenshots

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