BrightHire effortlessly records and transcribes interviews, transforming the way teams rally around hiring.

About BrightHire

BrightHire’s leading interview intelligence platform transforms the quality of hiring for the world’s fastest-growing companies by helping people run better interviews, and helping teams hire faster with less bias.

Our technology sits on the applicant tracking system and video conferencing tools you already use to seamlessly drive excellence in the heart of the hiring process, interviews. BrightHire automatically records and transcribes interviews and uses AI to create highlights that can be revisited and shared right within Lever.

Companies use BrightHire to streamline their hiring process, improve the candidate experience, ramp recruiters, and give their teams better information to make the best possible hiring decisions.

BrightHire features

BrightHire is the essential platform for the future of hiring. The software brings visibility into the heart of the hiring process – interviews, so your team can make evidence-based hiring decisions and collaborate in unprecedented ways as you chart your company’s future.

BrightHire’s interview intelligence platform:

  • Brings rigor, consistency, and focus into every single interview in-the-moment
  • Captures real evidence, to reduce hiring bias and support better hiring decisions
  • Unlocks a new level of collaboration and alignment for faster, more confident hiring
  • Delivers unprecedented visibility and insight into hiring practices to understand the fairness and quality of processes and drive continuous improvement

All to enable fast and fair hiring.


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