Anonymous candidate screening for inclusive, equitable and efficient hiring.

About Career.Place

Career.Place is an anonymous candidate screening technology that combines basic requirements, assessments and scenario questions to ensure candidates are objectively qualified before their resume ever hits your desk.

With Career.Place:

  • Reduce the time and expense of hiring. Career.Place replaces the time-consuming resume review and initial screening calls with a streamlined process that focuses on what candidates can do. What used to take hours to find qualified candidates in the sea of applicants now only takes minutes.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion. Career.Place removes the conscious and unconscious biases that plague candidate evaluation. Candidate anonymity removes extraneous information that often triggers the biases that keep great candidates from progressing.
  • Maintain compliance. Career.Place enforces consistency across all candidate screening. Pre-defined requirements, questions and processes ensures all candidates are given an equal opportunity while candidate anonymity keeps unconscious biases from influencing results.

Hire Fast, Hire Right – Career.Place

Career.Place features

Career.Place allows Lever users, on any job, to replace the traditional resume screening and phone screening in hiring with an anonymous process to efficiently and equitably identify the best fit candidates to interview.

Career.Place screenshots

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