Accelerate your hiring process with AI-powered interview platform and a community of interviewers.

About BarRaiser

BarRaiser is on a mission to help companies hire exceptional talent faster while conducting structured and fair interviews.

BarRaiser represents the future of hiring by evaluating each candidate’s skills with a community of Interviewers from top tech and hyper-growth companies, to conduct unbiased evaluations and great candidate experience.

Recruiters and hiring managers receive detailed assessment reports and recommendations, while job seekers enjoy a structured, personalized interviewing experience. BarRaiser is quickly becoming the new gold standard for swift, fair, transparent, and efficient interviews with thousands of interview templates, auto-scheduling features, video interviews, debriefs, and AI-supported analytics.

BarRaiser features

BarRaiser helps in streamlining the recruitment process.

With BarRaiser you get:

  • Standardized interview process & engineer a great candidate experience
  • Tagged video links to share with your team members & make collective hiring decisions.
  • BarRaiser Global Score (BGS™) - a proprietary data-driven scoring mechanism that mitigates bias and provides a strong tool for companies focusing on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Debriefing on a unified platform.
  • Faster turnaround time to evaluate candidates.
  • A strong community of interview experts.


BarRaiser screenshots

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