BarRaiser is on a mission to help companies hire exceptional talent faster while conducting structured and fair interviews.

About BarRaiser

BarRaiser has two product offerings:

1. Interview Intelligence Platform

Our technologically advanced solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with the applicant tracking system and video conferencing tools that your team already utilizes. By embedding our solution at the core of the hiring process - the interviews, we aim to drive hiring excellence. The functionality of BarRaiser extends to automatically recording and summarising interviews, a feature that enables a hassle-free revisiting of the key elements of the discussion.

Through the use of advanced AI algorithms, BarRaiser highlights crucial discussion points and areas of interest that is effortlessly shared directly within Lever. Our AI also assists interviewers by swiftly aiding them in the feedback process, thereby expediting the preparation of comprehensive reports for asynchronous debriefing. One of the critical features of BarRaiser is its capability to evaluate and augment the quality of the interviews conducted. We believe in the value of continuous learning and improvement, and thus we provide invaluable assistance in the continuous training of interviewers, keeping them updated with the best interviewing techniques.

With BarRaiser, businesses can significantly enhance the candidate experience, speed up the onboarding process for recruiters, and equip their teams with top-quality information. This valuable data allows them to make the most effective hiring decisions, ensuring that they always recruit the best talent.

In essence, BarRaiser is not just a tool but an ally, acting as a catalyst in your company's journey to achieve its hiring objectives and accelerate growth.

2. Interview as Service (Outsourcing Interviews)

BarRaiser offers a standardised interview procedure aiming to enhance the overall candidate experience. This is complemented by the utilisation of tagged video links, allowing team members to share insights and make collective hiring decisions.

BarRaiser Global Score (BGS™) ensures a data-driven approach to evaluations, focusing on mitigating bias, which is particularly vital for companies prioritising Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI). This streamlined approach is further enhanced by a unified platform for debriefing, ensuring efficient communication among the hiring team.

The end result is a considerably faster turnaround time in evaluating potential hires. Furthermore, this system benefits from the input and expertise of a robust community of 1000+ interview professionals.

BarRaiser features

The BarRaisesr integration with Lever supports both the Interview Intelligence and Interview as Service products, allowing users to seamlessly add interview intelligence to their interviews without switching platforms.

Introduction to BarRaiser Interview Intelligence

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