Kill hiring bias, dead. Objectively measure your analytics candidates' skills, easily & quickly.

About Alooba

Alooba is an analytics & data science skills assessment platform that empowers your talent team to deliver high quality candidates quickly and fairly. Validate your candidate’s skills before interviews with assessments customized to fit your role.Alooba is a skills assessment platform for analytics, data science, business intelligence and data engineering. With the Alooba Lever integration, you can keep your ATS and skills assessment platform in sync. Kill dead-time in the hiring process by automatically inviting candidates when applying to an Alooba assessment. With CVs being rife with irrelevant personal information like age, gender, race & religion, replace legacy manual CV screening with a modern, fair & objective measure of your candidates' skills.

Alooba features

Assess your candidates across critical analytics & data science skills. Fully customize your assessment, choosing from our bank of more than 40 skills, 500 topics and 3000 questions across 5 different test types.

By objectively measuring your candidates’ skills fairly & scalably, you'll identify hidden gems - candidates whose CV might not jump out, but once you give them a fair chance to prove their skills, they're great candidates.

You can pre-qualify candidates to save time interviewing those who don't have the skills needed for the role. With Alooba, your interview time can be reclaimed to focus on crucial soft skills & cultural fit.

With advanced cheating protection, Alooba is perfect for recruiting at scale in the remote world.

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