Put your candidates first - use one-way video interviews screen and hire at scale in less time. Willo connects you with the talented people you're looking for, remotely, wherever they are in the world.

About Willo

Willo is the fastest growing video asynchronous video interview and screening platform.

Willo's interview software is helping businesses identify and hire quality candidates faster.

Our asynchronous interviews create a fair and consistent hiring process, free from bias and accessible anywhere.

✓ Easy-to-use

✓ Browser-based

✓ Award-winning customer support

✓ GDPR compliance

✓ ISO 27001 data centre

Willo features

Lever users can quickly and easy send candidates an invitation via email and SMS to complete a screening interview on Willo. The invite process is fully automated and Willo will even send follow-up reminders to candidates. Once an interview has been complete it is easily accessible from within the Lever platform - work seamlessly between the two platforms.

Willo screenshots

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