Hiring based on data, making talent acquisition a breeze. Test technical skills, AI interviews, to personality tests.

About Algobash

Meet Algobash, your all-in-one platform for pre-employment assessment.

Algobash stands out with a comprehensive set of features tailored to meet the diverse needs:

  • Coding Tests
  • Programming Framework Tests
  • Spreadsheet Tests
  • AI Interviews
  • Personality Tests

Algobash is versatile, catering to both selective and mass hiring needs. You're not only optimizing your process but actively reducing bias, saving costs, and time.

Algobash features

Algobash + Lever = Easy Hiring! No more resume headaches. With Algobash, Lever users can let tech do the work. Swap resumes shortlisting to result-based shortlisting.

  • Automatically send assessments to candidates in a designated stage.
  • Monitor their assessment progress
  • Receive the assessment result on your Lever dashboard. pre-employment assessment and coding test platform.

Algobash screenshots

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