About Wedge

Goodbye phone screening. Hello Wedge. Wedge makes it easier to identify top talent. Anytime. Anywhere.

At Wedge, our mission has been to create a video interview platform that gives candidates an opportunity to shine beyond a piece of paper. We have done that and more, we’ve continued to grow and collaborate on how we can create a more seamless & inclusive process for all. The result is a solution that’s effective, flexible, and personal.

Wedge features

Wedge video interviews eliminate the headaches that come with scheduling and phone screening, all while providing your candidates with a seamless, fast, and flexible experience.

Make better hires with video; over 80% of Wedge users report that Wedge has helped them make better hires by helping them focus on the right details.

Instant collaboration; share interviews with team members to get more opinions on candidates reducing the chance for unconscious bias to affect hiring decisions.

Built with job candidates in mind; Wedge’s interview recording process was designed based on extensive candidate research making it completely candidate friendly.

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