About myInterview

The way we hire talent is fundamentally shifting, myInterview rethinks the recruitment process to make it more efficient, reduce time to hire by 75% and help companies choose the best candidates.

myInterview uses one-way (asynch) video to encourage candidates to express their true personality, experience and qualifications and lets hiring managers identify the best hire while enjoying every minute. Sharing impressions and getting feedback from colleagues is as easy as pressing play.

The platform enables team collaboration, workflow management and a seamless integration with Lever, making myInterview a “no-brainer” solution for 5,000 companies. Over 7,000,000 candidates have already created videos with myInterview for clients such as Appsflyer, Agoda, Facebook, Six Flags and Billabong.

myInterview features

  • Pre-screen prospective candidates through customised and branded video-interviews.
  • Ask candidates either text or video based questions.
  • Invite candidates from Lever and review their responses directly inside.
  • Collaborate with team members, share digital shortlists of candidates.
  • View transcripts and captions for candidates interviews.
  • Gain personality insights into candidates with myInterview Intelligence.

myInterview screenshots

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