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MeVitae leverages the power of deep tech and people science to help organisations hire smarter, faster, and fairer by mitigating unconscious and algorithmic bias. Our innovative Blind Recruiting Solution debiases the candidate selection process, allowing organisations to hire more diverse and inclusive teams.

Here are some changes that our clients have observed in their organisations with our Blind Recruiting Solution:

  • Up to 30% increase in gender and ethnicity diversity.
  • Over 20 identifiers for redaction including gender, ethnicity and universities.
  • 95+% redaction accuracy.
  • Our clients reported a significant time saving. To provide context, redacting a CV manually takes a few minutes but our solution redacts 600 CVs in just 6 seconds.

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What problem is MeVitae solving?

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) continues to rise up the list as one of the most important challenges at the forefront of growing organisations - and traditional bias training is no longer enough to make a real impact. 94% of the fastest growing tech firms state that finding, recruiting, and retaining talent is a growing challenge. Organisations need a whole new diverse talent pool with respect to ethnicity, gender, disabilities etc but hiring managers often find themselves recruiting people who are somewhat like them, typically without even realising due to cognitive bias.

The hiring process plays a pinnacle role in developing diverse teams and our work is relevant now, more than ever. We are proud to offer organisations a proven method of driving diversity in the workplace, with our clients reporting increases of more than 30% in D&I since using our Blind Recruiting Solution.

MeVitae’s USPs

MeVitae is the first company to use neuroscience and space technology to accomplish this. MeVitae offers the following USPs to our clients:

  • We can redact any document type: CVs, cover letters, application forms.
  • We can redact 600 CVs in just 6 seconds.
  • Your current Lever set up doesn’t change so you can still view all job applications within Lever as per usual.

The MeVitae team has spent years researching the science of HR and D&I, developing an exceptional series of innovative solutions that debias every step of the hiring process, with Blind Recruiting being our frontrunner. Our approach is refreshingly different from our competitors, which is what we believe makes us stand out from others and continue to thrive. We love what we stand for - we are a great example of a ‘tech for good’ firm and believe that our dynamic solutions can optimise any HR function. Making a social impact is central to our mission at MeVitae so we also share content on LinkedIn to raise awareness of our work and engage with users on important topics.

We continue to push boundaries so our clients can deliver the best for their organisations.

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