Metaview records interviews then provides seamless transcription, analysis, and timely recommendations to help interviewers run amazing interviews every time.

About Metaview

Metaview is the Interview Intelligence platform that helps ambitious companies improve their interviews.

Our platform seamlessly records interviews, then empowers interviewers with objective insights, personalized feedback, and automated training to increase the quality and consistency of their interviews.

Leading companies like Robinhood, Brex, and AngelList use Metaview to understand their interview process like never before and make better, fairer hiring decisions that keep the bar high.

Metaview features

Metaview easily integrates with the tools you already use, so you can track and analyze interviews using the information that’s already in Lever.

Our platform enables you to understand and upgrade your interview process:

  • Monitor and explore interview data: Get unprecedented insight into key metrics around rigor and consistency.
  • Replay and share what actually happened in an interview: By recording and transcribing interviews, you can make decisions based on actual evidence, not feelings.
  • Train interviewers based on a shared understanding of what good looks like: Streamline interviewer training and ensure there’s a consistent bar for quality.
  • Enable ongoing improvement, based on data: Automate ongoing coaching and feedback, so interviewers get tips for improving quality and consistency, every time.

Metaview screenshots

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