Metaview writes your recruiting notes for you so you can save time and focus on high-quality interactions with candidates and hiring teams.

About Metaview

Metaview is the AI assistant for recruiting. It completely eradicates the need for recruiters and hiring managers to take notes during their most important conversations because our AI is designed to take world-class recruiting notes for you.

The result? You’re saved from the drudgery of note-taking and can instead spend time on what actually matters: being present, curious and engaging with candidates, then making high-quality decisions based on insight, not memory.

It also means your organization has 10x better data about every candidate you speak to, because you’re no longer relying on people to remember everything that was discussed and submit accurate notes. Unlike humans, Metaview never gets tired, doesn’t forget anything, and structures the notes perfectly.

Metaview features

Integrate Metaview with Lever to unlock richer candidate data and advanced functionality:

  • Automated capture: Metaview automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes calls scheduled through Lever.
  • Scorecard auto-fill: Metaview’s AI will automatically fill out objective fields of your Lever feedback forms, and let you edit and submit them straight to Lever.
  • Intuitive navigation: Links between Metaview and Lever make it easy to jump from the interview in Metaview to the candidate’s profile in Lever, and vice-versa.
  • Seamless team management: Metaview displays all Lever users in its team management page, making it easy for you to decide whose interviews you want to capture.

Metaview's AI-generated interview notes

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