Your interview hours are on us. An Interview-On-Demand platform that is of experts, by experts and for experts.

About JobTwine

JobTwine provides human-led technical interviews that are conducted by global experts working in renowned product tech companies around the world.

We provide the ability to create structured, consistent and intelligent interview playbooks with AI-enabled recommendation engine in a completely self-service way using hundreds of pre-defined and fully customizable templates. The interviewers are then guided on how to conduct the interviews in a more objective way and provide great data insights into the strengths and improvement areas of the candidates. The entire interview ops of scheduling, building questions, defining evaluation criteria, analysing videos, coordination amongst various team etc. is a breeze on JobTwine platform.

In short, we are known for Precision, Predictability and Productivity. Hiring with JobTwine is always On the money, On the dot and On the double.

JobTwine features

Lever users can now conduct interviews at scale without losing the human touch. With JobTwine you get:

  • Ability to create structured, consistent and intelligent interview playbooks in a self-serviced way.
  • Global network of interviewers that bring Expertise, Experience and Excellence
  • An Unbiased and diverse view to the evaluation process as the global experts focus on skills as opposed to background or ethnicity. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) is for real.
  • An amazing turnaround time to evaluate candidates faster and move through the pipeline quickly. Experience 3X faster time to offer.
  • Automated Scheduling, customizable evaluation criteria and feedback templates and an amazing candidate experience.

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