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About Jobma

Jobma is a leading digital interviewing platform that helps businesses hire – Faster, Better for Less. Our easy to use platform offers a range of tools, including Video and Audio Interviews, Digital Assessments, along with Proctoring capabilities.

We have a global presence in over 55 countries and support 16 languages, making HR technology accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We assist thousands of recruiters in using video to build stronger relationships, present the best talent, and work more efficiently by reducing costs and time to hire by up to 60%. At Jobma, we believe in the power of people, and our video software enhances human connections to help companies stand out and address diversity and inclusion.

We offer live training and onboarding sessions to ensure smooth deployment, including a dedicated customer success manager to help your team hit the ground running and maximize your ROI. All of that is backed up by a live support system for you and your candidates, provided by real people with an outstanding NPS. We also provide marketing support and collateral with your branding to promote your fully white-labeled platform. Our commitment to privacy and security ensures 100% GDPR and SOC2 Type 2 Compliance.

Jobma features

The Jobma integration with Lever allows users to set up Jobma video interviews and evaluate candidates from the Lever Dashboard.

Jobma - Lever Integration Workflow

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