AI assistant for inclusive brand communications. Empower your team to create job posts free of gender, age, race and ableist language right into your Lever platform.


Job postings are most effective when they are relevant & inclusive of the talent you want to attract. Teams creating talent marketing content can now get guidance from AI assistant right where they create their job posts. chrome extension for Lever brings the power of our advanced language insights directly within the Lever platform where talent acquisition and hiring managers are creating and editing job posts. This helps your hiring teams create more inclusive job posts. features is an AI assistant for inclusive brand communications. This assistant surfaces learning moments for the creator to create bias free job postings, talent marketing content and collaboration. We provide the following features:

  • Detect Gender, Age, Race and Ableist coded language.
  • Highlight the issues in the content and provide an explanation.
  • Provide recommendations to fix the issues to create inclusive job postings, and
  • Provide insights and metrics on trends over time. screenshots

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