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About InterviewVector

InterviewVector is an on demand Interview as a Service marketplace which helps companies to scale their technical hiring process at lower cost and less time. Benefits:

  • Live recorded interviews by experienced professionals
  • In-depth actionable expert feedback
  • Recommendations you can trust from trained panelists
  • Customized interview process
  • Professional interview experience

InterviewVector features

Integration with Lever: Lever's integration with InterviewVector lets you export candidates and jobs directly from Lever to InterviewVector, so you can spend less time on data entry. Benefits of integration:

  • Export jobs from Lever to InterviewVector
  • Export the candidate details which you want to interview via Interviewvector
  • Schedule the interview with InterviewVector panel from lever dashboard only
  • View candidate feedback report from dashboard

In nutshell, It helps the user to do all things from just one dashboard i.e. Lever.

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