Interview intelligence that helps you hire quickly, equitably, and effectively. Create structured interviews effortlessly, automate interview notetaking, and gain valuable insights on your hiring process.

About Hireguide

Hireguide is your co-pilot for better hiring decisions.

Are you tired of chasing down hiring managers for candidate feedback? Not sure if interviewers are adhering to interview best practices?

Hireguide keeps you ahead and in the know. Here’s how:

Our customizable interview templates allow you to create your own and share them company-wide.

Streamline the feedback cycle with interview recording and Lever integration, where notes sync with your system and transcripts are easily shared within hiring teams or across the organization.

See the insights tab for data about interviewers’ performance, compliance, and understanding of key values, like DEI.

With our full interview workflow, you’re assured hiring managers receive the training they need to meet and assess candidates fairly and effectively.

Hireguide features

The Hireguide integration with Lever streamlines the feedback cycle with hiring managers by automatically syncing interview notes and transcripts as interviews are completed, so you don't have to chase down hiring managers for feedback. The integration will also sync interview insights from conversations with candidates, so organizations can ensure that interviewers are adhering to best practices and providing consistent candidate experiences.

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