Fast, transparent, bias-free reference checking.

About Crosschq

Crosschq brings efficiency to the archaic process of conducting professional reference checks. Our online software efficiently gathers, analyzes and authenticates reference information about a candidate, helping companies hire diverse, winning teams. This information is used by recruiters and hiring managers to make better hiring decisions. Crosschq reference checking generates valuable new job prospects that are automatically uploaded into your Lever ATS.

Crosschq features

Seamless Integration: Initiate reference checks without leaving Lever, receive notifications when ready, and quickly access the completed report.

Improved Efficiency and Insight: Reduce time spent conducting reference checks by up to 95% while increasing quality of insight & reference response rate.

Predict Candidate Success: Quality of Hire reports connect pre-hire assessment with post-hire performance so you can confidently identify your best candidates.

New Talent Sources: References opt-in to hear about future job openings creating a powerful new talent pool of highly-qualified, active prospects.

Crosschq screenshots

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