Scale your interview process with Chatkick video interviews

About Chatkick

Chatkick allows you to record, transcribe, analyze, and share candidate interviews across your team, eliminating your team's constraints coordinating and evaluating candidate screenings. Whether your team is all on-site or distributed across the world, team members can now review candidate screenings on their own schedule. You are no longer limited to feedback from interview participants.

Chatkick's interactive video platform enforces your standard interview process and offers candidate information right at your fingertips.

As a hiring manager, you can rest easy delegating candidate screenings without the fear your team members asking repetitive, inconsistent, or biased questions.

With Chatkick, your team can now scale your interview process beyond what was ever before possible.

Chatkick features

  • Streamlined scheduling will help you avoid all the back and forth.
  • Candidate feedback is no longer limited to team members who participate in the interviews. With Chatkick conversation history, 1 person can run a screening and everything can provide feedback at their own pace.
  • Offer your candidates a stronger experience by enforcing interview consistency and ensuring interviewer accountability.
  • Train your team members by providing them great historical examples of interviews your team has run in the past.
  • Lever feedback and candidate data will always be up to date thanks to having full transcripts and recordings of your candidate conversations from Chatkick.
  • HR, Talent leaders and hiring managers now have clear visibility and oversight into hiring processes to ensure compliance and standards of quality.


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