Pre-record your interview questions and invite candidates to respond in their own time.

About Canvass

Canvass enables you to pre-record your interview questions and invite candidates to respond in their own time from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

We’re a modern approach to first stage interviews which saves a ton of time for hiring teams while giving candidates more flexibility:

  • Faster time to hire - interview more people in 2 days than you would have in 2 weeks
  • No scheduling - we eliminate the need for scheduling as candidates respond at their convenience. It’s great for interviewing across time zones or when candidates are busy during working hours
  • Scalable process - meet hundreds of candidates after recording yourself only once. The ability to interview around the clock, while spending your time on other priorities in parallel, is truly a recruiting superpower
  • Fair assessment - evaluate responses fairly using consistent interviews and eliminate recency bias through the ability to review responses side-by-side

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Canvass features

We offer everything that you’ll need to interview asynchronously at scale:

  • Interview builder and content library
  • Flexible invite and reminder campaigns
  • Automated transcription and closed captioning
  • Branded candidate experience...and more

With the Lever<>Canvass integration you're able to send invites and review responses all from within Lever.

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