Go beyond code to hit your engineering hiring goals with confidence.

About Woven

Woven is a technical assessment that uses real-world engineering scenarios to give you insight beyond code, including debugging, architecture, and communication. Real engineers will evaluate each candidate’s work and provide a detailed analysis, and the candidate gets individual feedback on how they did. Your engineering team will save time and interview with more confidence that you’re speaking with complete engineers whose skills meet the mark.

Woven features

Woven helps you identify complete engineers, not just programmers. Since you'll see candidates' responses to scenarios with communication, debugging, and architecture, you'll move the best candidates the final steps of your interview process.

The Woven + Lever integration keeps you in your Lever account and act quickly on promising candidates. Simply move the candidate to the chosen stage in Lever, and Woven will do the rest. We'll send the candidate a prep guide and an invitation to their work simulation. Our analysis of their work will be delivered straight to the candidate's Notes in Lever, giving your team easy access.

Woven screenshots

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