We Create Problems (WeCP)

We Create Problems (WeCP)

WeCP is the fastest and most accurate way to evaluate candidates on technical skills while removing engineering and recruiter biases.

About We Create Problems (WeCP)

WeCP is the fastest and the most accurate way for businesses to evaluate candidates on technical skills, including Software engineering, Cloud, DevOps, Data Science, Enterprise tools, and more under a single unified technical hiring platform.

By doing this, you will be able to eliminate bias in your hiring and make it skill-based, while you will be able to reduce your hiring cycle from months down to just a few days.

WeCP can help you in the following use cases:

  • Candidate’s Technical Skills Assessment
  • Technical Interviews
  • University Hiring
  • Lateral Hiring
  • Coding Hackathons
  • Up-Skilling Assessments
  • Project-Based Assessments

The 4-clicks that keeps your technical hiring streamlined

  1. Integrate with ATS: Integrate Job sites, Universities, ATS, Social media. Create your talent pool with WeCP in one click.
  2. Vet candidates before the live interview: Filter out unqualified candidates by assessing them against programming skills, problem-solving, analytical thinking and more
  3. Face to face interviews with white-boarding: Speak to only qualified candidates. Get interviews scheduled automatically. Impress candidates with your work culture and a lot more
  4. Onboard candidates in 1 click: After candidates are hired through WeCP, all you need to do is click “Onboard" and the candidates get inside your HR systems in a blink. It’s that easy.

Effective and successful recruitment

Get the most brilliant minds to work on the most exciting problems that jolt your bottom-line.

  1. Exhaustive library of over 150K+ unique questions across 2000+ skills
  2. AI led web & video proctoring to eliminate malice
  3. No-nonsense, precise reporting enables faster decision-making

What makes WeCP great

  1. Out-of-the-box talent pool: Hire candidates to execute on the projects slated for this quarter 3x faster. Find job-fit candidates in a single click. Spending a long time on sourcing might affect business heavily.
  2. Reduces burden on the engineering team: Bring down the interviewing hours for your engineering teams. Prevent attrition of engineers who get burdened up covering the gap work and creating another vacancy.
  3. Improves candidate experience: Learn what job candidates say about their experience with your hiring process, what they tell others about your company. After all, improve the candidate NPS in a few clicks.

We Create Problems (WeCP) features

The WeCP integration with Lever will optimize your hiring process, providing you with a unified solution to effortlessly manage candidates and assessments all in one place. Seamlessly invite candidates to take WeCP assessments and receive test results all within Lever.

Say goodbye to manual processes and experience the convenience of synchronised candidate management.

Integrate Lever with WeCP

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