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About VidCruiter

VidCruiter goes beyond video interviewing to facilitate every stage of recruitment. From applying structure to your interview process, to scheduling interviews, automating reference checks and testing on-the-job skills online. VidCruiter’s cloud-based hiring tools accelerate administrative tasks, allowing you to focus your time on qualified applicants. Our technology helps cut costs and reduce time-to-hire by up to 80%!

VidCruiter features

Reduce Costs and Time-to-Hire - Video interviews eliminate the need for travel and other costs associated with bringing people in or going to meet with potential candidates in-person. Not needing to travel or spend time coordinating in-person interviews will significantly reduce your time-to-hire.

Enhance the Candidate/Recruiter Experience - A positive candidate experience can easily be the difference between a high-quality applicant accepting your job offer or not. The VidCruiter platform was designed to make the lives of recruiters easier without sacrificing the candidate experience.

Customize Your Workflow - VidCruiter is all about customizability. How many people do you need to interview? Doesn’t matter. How in-depth do you want to go? That’s up to you. VidCruiter is the perfect software for recruiters and employers who like to be in control of every step of the hiring process.

Dedicated Account Managers and 24/7 Applicant Support - VidCruiter offers industry-leading tech support and customer service, including dedicated account managers for all clients and 24/7/365 applicant support. Support is available via instant chat, email and/or phone.


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