About Triplebyte

Triplebyte helps you source and hire great engineers. Triplebyte offers two products, Triplebyte Hire which is a technical talent search tool and Triplebyte Screen which is a free technical assessment tool.

Triplebyte Hire is a technical talent search tool that helps recruiters and hiring managers to find and engage engineers from diverse backgrounds that have been tested on their engineering abilities. With over 200,000 engineers assessed, Triplebyte empowers engineering teams to increase diversity by identifying skilled engineers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Triplebyte Screen is a free data-backed technical assessment tool used to identify skilled applicants before wasting time in tech screens. Screen uses Triplebyte’s standardized, data-backed technical assessments to measure applicants’ actual technical skills. This can help reduce wasted interviews and find hidden gems from underrepresented backgrounds.

Triplebyte built the assessment using data from 200,000+ interviews at 1,000+ companies and trained it using advanced ML techniques. Because it's standardized and trained on real hiring outcomes, the assessment is highly predictive of which candidates will do well in your process.

Triplebyte Screen is completely free, forever (there's no catch). The more engineers take our assessments, the better the assessments become, so we would love for all companies to use us!

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