Evaluate engineers the way they work on the job.

About Tapioca

Tapioca is a technical assessment tool powered by GitHub. We help companies measure practical, real-world skills to better predict a candidate’s ability to succeed on the job. Tapioca anonymizes submissions to reduce unconscious bias, while automations reduce manual work and reduce time to hire.

Tapioca features

Candidate-friendly invites - Candidates receive a personalized landing page with instructions to clone a private repository with all files required to complete the exercise. Our process lets candidates use git to submit their work, just as they would on the job.

Easier collaboration with Engineers - Reviewers will feel more at home on GitHub and can complete their reviews more efficiently.

Reduce unconscious bias - Reviewers see anonymized submissions to ensure candidates are measured only by the work they complete, and not their gender, ethnicity, or background.

Track progress at a glance - Our integration lets you see detailed progress updates for Tapioca candidates directly in Lever. You’ll be able to see when a candidate first starts a test, once they submit, or when the engineering team completes their reviews. You’ll know exactly who you’re waiting on (whether that’s the candidate or a colleague), so you can move more quickly on promising candidates.

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