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About Skillkeepr

Skillkeepr is a robust solution that empowers tech recruiters to streamline and enhance efficiency in tech recruitment, in collaboration with ATSs like Lever. The easily integrated companion app with its 10 powerful features is the perfect ally for recruiters, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: connecting with top tech talent, while saving their valuable time and cutting costs. Welcome to a world of new possibilities in tech recruitment, where every step in the process is more powerful and effective.

Skillkeepr features

With the Skillkeepr integration, Lever users will have access to this all-in-one tech recruitment solution. The integration allows users to sync candidate and job data to Skillkeepr and seamlessly update Lever with candidate interview progress, feedback, results and a link to the interview recording in Skillkeepr.

Say goodbye to disparate resume chaos, find the perfect candidate in seconds powered by AI and conduct video interviews among a host of other efficient processes all in one integrated solution. Enhance the hiring experience and maximize efficiency with Skillkeepr.

Harness the power of Skillkeepr’s features on Lever and elevate your tech recruitment game.

  • NLP-Enhanced Automatic Resume Reformatting
  • AI Talent Suggestion Engine
  • Internal And External Talent Portal
  • Integrated Team Calendar and Candidate Self-Scheduling
  • One-Way & Live Video Interviews
  • Code Assessments
  • Recruiter Q&A Assistance
  • Candidate Scorecards
  • Recruitment Process Analytics
  • Cross-Enterprise Workflows

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