Assess your candidates oral and written skills in 40 languages

About Pipplet

Easy, fast, and reliable: Pipplet assesses oral and written skills of your potential recruits, employees, and learners, in 40 languages. 100 % human assessment, online and without appointment.

Pipplet features

The integration between Lever and Pipplet allows recruiters to automate the invitation to language assessments based on the Lever status of a candidate, and helps retrieve assessment results in Lever directly.

Main characteristics:

  • Are available in 40 languages
  • Evaluate Oral and Written Skills
  • In professional settings
  • No scheduling needed

Invite candidates through all relevant channels:

  • Synchronize your assessment with a Lever opening
  • Automatically invite candidates by moving them to the relevant Lever stage
  • Get the CEFR certified Pipplet result in your Lever Dashboard.

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