LeetCode Enterprise

LeetCode Enterprise

LeetCode is a world-famous platform helping programmers improve their Algos programming ability and providing enterprises with the one-stop technical talent recruitment solution.

About LeetCode Enterprise

The LeetCode integration allows you to quickly create LeetCode online interviews and schedule assessments for candidates. By providing more insights and comparisons with millions of submissions on LeetCode, the LeetCode integration will help talent acquisition teams improve gauging of candidate skills.

LeetCode Enterprise features

Assessment - A customized question set according to your hiring requirements, watch how the candidate solves problems and evaluate the candidate's skill with an evaluation report.

Online Interview - Whiteboard, LeetCode Programming Library, etc, interviewers can code with the candidate online using powerful tools and providing and great experience.

LeetCode Programming Library - Free basic LeetCode questions, you can easily build recruitment skill standards depending on your own needs.

Anti-cheating - There is a series of anti-cheating able to ensure the credibility of assessment results. Such as copy/paste detection, plagiarism detection, and random order.

Code playback - Code playback without missing any bytes, you can grasp any details of the candidate's solution.

LeetCode Enterprise screenshots

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