About Karat

Karat is the only end-to-end partner for organizations looking to improve the quality, efficiency, & equity of their technical hiring.

Pioneering an innovative human + technology approach, Karat supercharges your process with exceptional technical interviews, industry-leading candidate features, unrivaled hiring data, and a strong, predictive signal that empowers you to hire with confidence.

Karat features

The integration allows recruiting teams to seamlessly manage, schedule, and view results of Karat Interviews directly through Lever.

By partnering with Karat, you can expect:

  • A consistent, proven, & research-backed interview process that reduces bias and provides objective insight into talent.
  • Live, human-led interviews conducted by specially trained, highly experienced engineers.
  • Trustworthy, actionable recommendations that build confidence and empower you to advance the right candidates.
  • Unlimited interviewing bandwidth that helps you fill roles fast while reducing the interview burden on your engineering teams.
  • Best-in-class candidate features including 24/7 interview availability, same day interviews, pre-qualification accelerators, and redos.
  • A fair, equitable hiring process that gives candidates of all backgrounds an equal opportunity to demonstrate their talent.
  • A true partner — working hands-on with you to calibrate hiring bars, up-level your funnel with unique insights, and provide access to unrivaled benchmarking data.

Karat screenshots

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