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About HireQuotient

HireQuotient is a skill-based assessment platform, that helps hiring managers look beyond the resume, focusing on real-skill capabilities. The virtual interviewers transform the way businesses assess candidate skills, helping them screen & identify truly capable talent.

EasySource is an AI-powered automation tool that simplifies talent sourcing by recommending the most qualified candidates based on your filters. With EasySource, you can easily find the best candidates for your sales and marketing teams from anywhere in the US region with relevant skills and experience. EasySource uses ChatGPT to write hyper-personalized write-ups i.e. EasySource can act as your writing assistant!

HireQuotient features

HireQuotient Integration
  1. Skill assessments: Skill assessments are based on the tasks that simulate performance in the relevant area, and are designed to determine if a job applicant possesses the required skills to fulfill the different aspects of the job.

  2. AI: Uses AI to analyze candidate responses and provide accurate feedback. Specifically to analyze a candidate’s body language, behavior, fluency, etc.

  3. Manage invitations: Seamlessly manage invitations and reminders to the candidates who have applied for the job opening

  4. Remote proctoring: Allows for remote assessment while maintaining test security for candidates in geographically dispersed locations or those unable to attend in-person assessments.

  5. Analytics and reporting: Generate data and insights to improve your hiring decisions.

What does the integration allow Lever users to do?

  1. Assessment Trigger Management: The user will be able to choose the recruitment stage at which the HireQuotient assessment needs to be triggered. On trigger, the assessment will be sent to the candidate.

  2. Assessment Selection: After the selection of the trigger stage, the integration will allow Lever users to input the assessment link in the tags. The assessment link can be copied from HireQuotient's dashboard.

  3. Manage Invitations: HireQuotient assessment can be automatically sent to the candidate once the tag is posted and the trigger stage is selected.

  4. Seamless Score Retrieval: On a candidate attempting the HireQuotient assessment, the user will be able to view the score automatically in the report section.

  5. Candidate Score Analysis: The user will be able to access the candidate's HireQuotient assessment report on the candidate profile page in Lever

EasySource Integration

The EasySource integration with Lever allows Lever users to seamlessly import the most relevant candidates sourced through EasySource directly into the Lever dashboard. Lever users can easily access and review these candidates within the Lever platform.

The integration provides users with the flexibility to map the imported candidates to specific job openings in Lever or import them as general applications. By leveraging this integration, users can streamline their talent acquisition process, avoid the need for multiple touchpoints and screen switching, and efficiently connect with top talent for their sales and marketing teams.

Overall, the integration enhances the user experience, simplifies candidate management, and supports effective hiring within the Lever Talent Acquisition Suite.

EasySource - Recruitment outbound automation (combined with power of Generative AI)

HireQuotient screenshots

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