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About Equip

Equip helps recruiters shortlist candidates by evaluating their skills. So, recruiters spend time interviewing only the top prospects. Online Job posts typically attract multiple applicants. We ensure that recruiters save time by interviewing only the top prospects.

With Equip you can:

Assess across Skills- Coding challenges for Developers, Communication tests for Sales and Support, Excel tests for Accountants, etc

Use our vast Question Library- No need to create your own content, just use ours. So, you can go from discovering our site to having a shareable assessment in minutes!

Test at multiple competency levels- Want a ninja graphics developer who speaks a tiny bit of German? Or a German aficionado who can create basic flyers on Canva? Customize the difficulty levels to your requirements

Easily import your own content- Already have questions that you are using to test candidates? Equip makes it super-easy to create tests with them

Enhanced Proctoring- Worried about online cheating? Worry no more! Our team has conducted 15 million+ automatically proctored tests already

Equip features

Once you create an assessment on Equip, you can automatically have Equip send it to your candidates when their stage is changed. Also, once they finish the test, their results are published onto Lever. So, you can manage your candidate's assessments from within Lever.


Equip screenshots

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