The most realistic technical screening platform on the market. Created by developers for developers.

About DevSkiller

Use our fully integrated technical screening solution to effectively verify developer skills.

Take your technical screening to the next level and speed up your hiring process. Use 350+ predefined technical screening tests across 200+ languages, libraries, frameworks, and IT skills. Use embedded customization to reflect your specific business needs and strengthen your employer brand.

DevSkiller features

** Seamless integration:** Integrate DevSkiller TalentScore with Lever, screen your candidates without disturbing your workflow.

** Easy to use:** Simple user interface allows you to send invitations and automatically assess the candidate’s coding skills, decision making, code cleanliness, and problem-solving ability.

** Speed up the process & recruitment efficiency:** Automated candidate scoring - no need to involve IT to pre-evaluate programming skills. Proven time to hire reduction by 50%.

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