CoderPad Screen

CoderPad Screen

About CoderPad Screen

Evaluate developers' technical skills using CoderPad Screen Screen to quickly and efficiently shortlist candidates. Set up unbiased programming tests in 60 seconds.

CoderPad Screen features

GAMIFIED TEST SESSIONS - Challenge developers with real-life, game-based programming problems that provide for great candidate experience. 

  • Reduce test anxiety 
  • Provide outstanding candidate experience 
  • Measure creativity and strategic thinking 

CANDIDATE SHORTLISTING - Candidates are automatically ranked and benchmarked according to their coding skills. 

  • Get clear and shareable test reports 
  • Save time with our reliable ranking algorithm 
  • Position candidates’ skill level compared to other developers in their field 

  CODE PLAYBACK TECHNOLOGY - Get a better understanding of how a candidate thinks and codes with a screencast replay of their coding session. Get insights on: 

  • How a candidate built their algorithm  
  • When they left the environment 
  • When and what they pasted from external sourc

CoderPad Screen screenshots

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