Codejudge helps you find the right developers through automated real-world assessments.

About Codejudge

Recruiters need to look beyond resumes to understand the technical skills of an individual. Codejudge helps recruiters to extract the exact skillset of developers (up to 127 code metrics) with real-world, micro-project assessments and data-driven reports. Codejudge with Lever allows hiring team members to send assessments to applicants directly from the Lever platform, and view the assessment results inside the candidate's profile.

Codejudge features

The Codejudge integration helps Talent Acquisition teams seamlessly send assessments to applicants directly from Lever. Assessments results are updated on the Lever opportunity profile.

  1. Send assessment to the candidate upon the candidate's status change directly from Lever.
  2. View the status of the assessment (Completed/ Not taken)
  3. View the assessment report directly from Lever.
  4. Track assessment status at bulk on Lever using tags.

Codejudge screenshots

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