Back your talent decisions with data, not gut.

About Cangrade

Cangrade's talent management solutions give your team talent data they can't get elsewhere, so they make successful talent decisions and you free up time to focus on the big picture.

Our Talent Screening and Hiring Solutions find the rockstars in your talent pool so you make the right hire the first time. Predict who will succeed and stay in your open roles in less than 14 minutes and 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods with our Pre-Hire Assessments with Retention Forecast. Our color-coded, ranked dashboard then helps you quickly identify your top candidates so your team can dig deeper with our Video Interviews.

After you hire your unicorns, our Talent Management solutions help you make smarter moves and retain your team. Leverage our assessment to place talent in the right roles and teams or explore whether they would succeed in a lateral or higher-level position, and upskill with our Workforce Development tool.

And did we mention all our solutions are bias-free? We go further than EEOC requirements because we believe diversity fuels business.

“As HR leaders, it’s exciting and validating to see our work yield such a clear and measurable impact on Applied’s success.” - Kurt Loring, CHRO at Applied Industrial Technologies

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Cangrade features

Job Description Decoder Uncover the softs skills your candidates need to succeed, for free. Our Job Description Decoder shares the soft skills to look for in your candidates, interview questions, and language for your job description.

Pre-Hire Assessments Identify your top talent with data on how likely candidates are to succeed and stay in their role. Our assessment is quick, mobile-friendly, and gives candidates instant feedback they can use to grow their careers.

Video Interviews Narrow your talent pool quickly and easily. Use our Video Interviews to dig deeper into your top candidates without the hassle of scheduling.

Retention Forecast Reduce attrition before it’s a problem. Retention Forecast predicts your candidates' likelihood to stay, so you reduce false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time.

Cangrade Assessment for Employee Mobility Explore whether your talent would really thrive in a lateral or higher-level position. Use our assessment to assess employee fit for internal moves and training needs to set your employees up for success.

Workforce Development Onboard and upskill your team. Leverage our coaching tips, motivations, and e-learning to engage your workforce and track the results.

Cangrade’s Benefits
  • Make the right call, pre- and post-hire. Easily identify the soft skills needed to succeed and the talent that has what it takes. With predictions of success up to 10x more accurate than any traditional hiring method, you can be confident that you're making the right call every time.
  • Hire efficiently, without cutting corners. Arm your team with insight insights into talent's potential and likelihood to stay so they can narrow down your pool of applicants quickly and objectively. With less time spent on monotonous resume screening, your team can focus more on the human part of human resources.
  • Ditch biased talent decisions. Diversity drives business. Which is why our bias protections cover more protected groups than EEOC requires and they continue to grow. With a 0% chance of making a biased hiring decision, you can feel confident that you're building a diverse and inclusive team.
  • Give your candidates a stand-out experience. Our 14-minute Pre-Hire Assessment can be completed on any device or browser. Plus it delivers instant feedback on candidates' core strengths, areas for growth, and top motivation on completion. Who doesn't like to learn what their real superpower is?
  • Reduce attrition before it's a problem. Start building retention before you hire by hiring talent who will be successful and engaged. Our Pre-Hire Assessments and Retention Forecast predict your next loyal, top performers so you reduce false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time.

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