Yardstik makes it possible for businesses to make safer, more comprehensive human security part of any successful operating model

About Yardstik

Our purpose is to build trust and safety into the internet economy. Yardstik is easy and adaptable enough to make comprehensive human security—screening, verifications, and training—realistic for any platform, in any industry.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Build your own packages to screen candidates and verify credentials critical to your industry—like insurance, licenses, or certifications. Add customized training modules and continuous monitoring to the mix for safer, more compliant workforces.

We take a more personal approach to designing packages that make your platform safer. It starts with understanding what makes your platform, your business, and your industry unique.

From there, we’ll design a right-fit solution that weaves safety, compliance, and flexibility into your business model. You’ll grow your bottom line as you safeguard the communities you serve.

Yardstik features

The Yardstik integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate our background check process directly in your Lever recruitment workflow. Just move your applicant to the Background Check stage to easily kick off a Yardstik background check and receive results without ever leaving the Lever platform!

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