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Verified First

Verified First is known for delivering streamlined background screening solutions backed by user-friendly technology and a 98% client satisfaction support team. Compatible with over 100 hiring platforms, including Lever, Verified First's patented screening integration provides users with a turnkey background screening experience.

About Verified First

Integrated Screening Solutions. Expand the abilities of Lever with integrated background screening, drug testing, verifications, I-9 & E-verify, and more. Easily order, track, and manage background screens without ever leaving the Lever platform.

Unlimited Packages. Create an unlimited number of background and drug screening packages specific to any position, streamlining the screening process and internal communication.

Mobile-Optimized. The Verified First applicant invite link responds to the size of the user’s screen, including mobile, desktop, and tablet. Users can also send applicant invites via SMS text.

Top-Notch Client Care. Along with our 98% Client Satisfaction rating, Verified First puts its clients first — not a board of directors. We build our technology and solutions for our clients.

Candidate Care. We know how exciting hiring a new employee can be, so we take candidate care seriously too! With features like candidate texting, you can ensure we’re going to take care of your candidates as if they were our clients.

Other Key Features:

  • Pre-Built Industry Packages
  • A La Carte Screening Options
  • Manage multiple locations within one account
  • Send Disclosure and Authorization, and Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters at the click of a button
  • Full control over who orders and accesses reports
  • Digitized I-9 & E-verify Solution

Verified First features

Verified First integrates with Lever via API or browser extension, empowering Lever clients to pick an integration that works best for them. With a 94% verification completion rate and 98% client satisfaction score, you can’t go wrong with integrating Verified First into your Lever people management process.

API Integration: The API integration between Lever and Verified First enables Lever users to have a robust screening process. With the API, users can easily order, manage, and review background checks, verifications, and more pre and post-employment solutions without having to leave the Lever platform. This integration also keeps things consistent across your organization; by enabling the API, all of your verified users can start ordering and managing screens within Lever.

Browser Extension: Verified First is the only partner of Lever’s to also provide a patented browser extension integration that allows users to order, manage, and review background checks, drug screening, verifications, and I-9/E-verify. The Verified First browser extension integration with Lever is as easy as downloading an app. Users simply navigate to their preferred web browser store such as Chrome, Safari, etc., search for Verified First, and install. The installation is quick and allows users to extend their screening experience. By using Verified First’s browser extension, you can bring screening into your other hiring solutions and platforms, creating an end-to-end integrated people management tech stack and enabling you to screen with Lever and other web-based applications.

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