Global HR Research, A DISA Company

Global HR Research, A DISA Company

A better alternative employment screening provider

About Global HR Research, A DISA Company

GHRR’s advanced proprietary platform provides a set of employment screening, compliance, and risk management solutions - a comprehensive set of tools helping them make better hiring decisions faster.   These distinctions have consistently made GHRR a better alternative for customers.

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Preferred for Flexibility

For an employment screening platform to be truly intelligent, it must adapt to the way you work—not change the way you work. That’s why Clairiti is one of the most widely adopted employment screening platforms in the industry. From comprehensive products and packages to compliance engines and security protocols to the best candidate experience, bar none, every critical facet of our technology has been configured to your needs. Because what’s the point of being better if we can’t be better together?

Our Lever Integration

Our integration with Lever allows customers to seamlessly invite candidates to complete background verifications. Progress updates and the completed report link are automatically synced to the Lever opportunity so customers can easily monitor and review the background check from within Lever.

The Clairiti Difference

Clairiti is the newest and most advanced screening technology in the market. We are the only top 4 provider not saddled with bloated, legacy architecture. Our platform is more agile and responsive to the shifting legislative landscape, giving our clients a measurable advantage in the race to acquire top talent.


With Clairiti, compliance works for you, not against you. When it comes to compliance, no two companies are the same. So, we designed Clairiti’s built-in rules engine to be configurable using multiple inputs—industry, jurisdiction, and even your specific business rules. Together, these rules ensure efficient electronic processing and proper application of customer business and industry compliance.

Candidate Experience

A dedicated candidate portal is simply a better end-to-end experience for everyone. Clairiti takes transparency and convenience to a satisfying new level. All aspects of the candidate’s experience can be branded by you. What candidates see and do is based on your business rules, not ours. There’s no unnecessary data entry, configurable business rules ensure that only the data required to process the products ordered by you is asked for.

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