Seamlessly request and monitor reference checks with Xref

About Xref

Xref is an enterprise-grade solution that makes reference checking fast, simple and secure.

The integration allows you to send a reference request in just a few seconds and then sit back while Xref automates the rest.

Enjoy multiple capabilities, including:

  • Customisable, multi-language questionnaires
  • Bulk references: Useful for referencing multiple candidates quickly, all at once
  • End-to-end progress tracking
  • Automated reminders to candidates and reference providers
  • The highest global security standards, with ISO 27001 certification
  • Multi-region data storage to ensure your data is housed in your local region

Xref features

What Does Xref Offer?

  • Fraud Protection - The Xref algorithm detects any potentially fraudulent activity, so employers can be confident about the credibility of referees and their responses.
  • Tailored Questionnaires - The Xref Customer Success team help to create tailored questionnaires, ensuring the right questions generate the insights needed to make informed hiring decisions.
  • Detailed Reports - Every Xref request ends with a full, detailed PDF report of the feedback provided, offering an analysis of all data and a screen record of responses.
  • Faster Turnaround - An Xref reference takes less time to complete, reducing the risk of losing the best talent to more efficient competitors.


Xref screenshots

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