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About Unified.to

Unified is a Unified API platform for B2B SaaS customer-facing integrations. With Unified.to, developers integrate once for seamless access to their customer data from third-party applications. From API endpoints to Data Models and Webhooks, we’ve abstracted everything so any developer can add integrations like Lever to their applications in a matter of hours.

Unified.to features

Benefits of integrating Lever via Unified.to:

  • Faster time-to-market: Cut development time from months to hours. Deploy multiple integrations through one API and data model for HR, ATS, CRM, and more.
  • Convert with integrations: Close more customers by rapidly supporting their integration requests, without compromising your core product innovation.
  • Designed for scale: Confidently start building and scale integrations as usage grows. Unified’s robust architecture is built to handle 4M+ API requests.
  • Truly Unified: We’ve abstracted everything, so you can focus on what matters. Start adding integrations with Unified API endpoints, Data Models, Webhooks, Authorization, and Permission Scopes.
  • Flexible Integrations: Our APIs are flexible and cater to several architectural styles. Choose from REST, gRPC, GraphQL, or programming language SDKs.
  • Auth embeddings: Make your front-end one less thing to think about. Simplify authorization and user onboarding with our low-code <Authorization/> and <SignIn/> components. Allow your users to conveniently sign in with their Lever credentials.
  • Transparency features: Keep track of all your integrations. Stay informed when APIs change with real-time log monitoring and enhanced observability.
  • Developer support: Getting started is easy with onboarding guides and launch checklists. Find clear and comprehensive documentation for all API endpoints and data models.

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