Coefficient Works, Inc.

Coefficient Works, Inc.

Easily sync your hiring data into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Save time and ease internal collaboration.

About Coefficient Works, Inc.

With Coefficient, easily import your Lever data into Google Sheets or Excel, and set your import on a refresh schedule.

Eliminate the need for manual CSV imports so you can easily monitor and collaborate on your hiring data with your team right within your spreadsheet.

Common use cases include importing interviews, offers, resumes, postings, and opportunities. Combine your Lever data with data from other connectors including your CRM, database, or workforce management system to build reports within your spreadsheet.

Coefficient Works, Inc. features

Automatically sync your Lever data into Google Sheets or Excel.

  • Import hiring data such as interviews, offers, resumes, referrals, panels, and more
  • Refresh data on an hourly or daily schedule
  • Configure data alerts in Sheets that send an email or Slack message
  • Build custom reports and analyze your data with pivots in your spreadsheet

How to Connect Lever to Google Sheets or Excel

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