Refty automates and enhances your reference checks. It saves you time and assesses the soft skills and cultural fit of your candidates, without bias.

About Refty

Why should you use Refty?

⌛️ 3 hours saved per candidate

📉 35% reduction in turnover

🎯 5 times less tasks for your recruiters

😍 4.8/5 candidate experience

Refty features

Ideal candidate definition - A good recruitment starts with a precise definition of the required profile. Invite your team managers to define their needs in just a few clicks and base your recruitment decisions on objective data.

Candidate self-assessment - Be attentive to your candidates by asking them about their wishes, strengths and areas for improvement.

360 reference check and sourcing - Validate your candidates' work history and collect hundreds of data points from the people who have seen them at work: employees, managers, etc.

Turn referrals into candidates! Refty expands your pool of candidates with referrers that are interested in joining your company.

Lever integration - Easily connect Lever to Refty and make your recruitment process more powerful. Synchronization between the two platforms is native and happens in real time: configure once, profit forever.

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