The complete online reference checking tool. It's time to Referoo it!

About Referoo

Referoo is the leading complete online reference checking tool. We automate reference checks to make the entire process simple! Referoo gives you the option of completing your reference checks, police checks, right to work and identity checks via email, SMS or phone. Started in Australia and now operating globally, our suite of tools is customisable to any business, of any size, with our reference check taking just 30 seconds.

Referoo features

Lever users can now completely automate their reference checks and background checks from within Lever, via Referoo's fast, simple, convenient and secure integration.

Reference checks are a vital way to ensure you're hiring the right people into your business. But cold calling referees to interview them over the phone is inconvenient, time consuming, imprecise, insecure, and adds 3-7+ days to the hiring process. Referoo's integration with Lever solves these issues.

Connect to Referoo directly within your Lever account. Add Referoo as a new stage in your recruitment workflow. Use our standard settings, or customise your account (checks, questionnaires, branding, workflow) to your needs. Launch a reference check within 10 seconds. Referoo will automatically contact the candidate and referees (inc. reminders, follow-ups and ID verification), and deliver completed reference reports back to your Lever account in a global average of 15 hours. Improve your quality of hires, step up your compliance and save your team hours in the process, with Referoo.

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