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EMP Trust HR solutions enable seamless digital transformation for global companies and create unique onboarding experiences that reflect your culture and help with diversity.

About EMP Trust

EMP TRUST SOLUTIONS, LLC provides a cloud based SaaS Human Capital Management solution for Employee Onboarding, Form I-9 and E-Verify platform for customers located in 54 countries in 17 different languages. The platform helps create great new hire onboarding experiences globally. EMP Trust provides customizable electronic forms, branded portals & onboarding packages with electronic signature capability across countries with multi-language support.

Key Features: ✓ Onboarding ✓ Transition management ✓ Offboarding ✓ Custom Reporting ✓ Employee Experience ✓ Mobile optimized ✓ People Insights ✓ Time Off management ✓ Workflows ✓ Smart Emails

Our solutions incorporate all your HR required documents to be fully electronic, including Form I-9, Federal, State, City, and company-specific forms with electronic signature capability.

The solution incorporates all HR required documents to be fully electronic, including Form I-9, Federal, State, City, and Company-specific forms.

EMP Trust is also a DHS E-Verify agent, certified on every version, and are one of the largest providers of Form I-9, employment eligibility verification with the Department of Homeland Security.

Features and Benefits

1. Form I-9 Compliance and E-Verify

Fully integrated Form I-9 provides all required compliance checks and data and rule validations for sections 1-3 with required reminders, email notifications and dashboards to fully comply and provide USCIS detailed reports. Support for remote hires with video verification and I-9 audit remediation tools

2. HR Compliance

You get compliance with US Federal, State & County laws, regulations and notices including Form I-9 and DHS E-Verify updated including W-4, State Withholding forms, Local state and county legal notices updated for all 50 states. Get EEOC, OFCCP and Veterans forms and reports as part of the package.

3. Employee Handbooks & Policy Updates

Track all annual notices and Handbooks, changes to HR policies, and ensure your company is fully protected with employee signature on core HR policies and employee handbooks.

4. Manage Multiple New Hire forms and Packages

You can manage multiple new hire forms and hiring packages including offer letters, benefit and compensation letters, NDA, Non-Competes, and more custom forms, and tailor your new hire forms and information by employee position, location, and job title.

5. Task Management

Simplify your internal Onboarding tasks and workflow approvals with status tracking, email notifications, and alerts. Our process will manage all internal and external tasks associated with the new employee Onboarding process. Provide standard tasks with templates and allows your team to create any custom tasks with required workflows notices and approvals

6. Flexible workflows and Configuration

Configure the system to fit your needs. Systems allow each company to configure and set up workflow notices and customs forms and fields on demand. The solution is available as one complete platform or separated by the modules and processes you need.

7. Employee Onboarding & Task Automation

EMP Trust Solutions provides a paperless automated system for New Hires to complete their onboarding forms. Using the platform New Hires can complete their forms online; speeding up the hiring process and reducing the number of errors in onboarding.

8. Electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify

Fully electronic Form I-9 allows new hires to complete section 1 and HR users to complete section 2 after review of supporting documentation to show work eligibility. Manage all re-verification and rehires with status reminders and email notifications to users and managers. Provides remote agent support with video verification functionality and Form I-9 remediation services. Manage compliance, reduce error and risk of fines and provide any required documentation for any audit with single click export of all forms. Provides all required audit trails, reports, and dashboards with workflow notices.

9. Customized User Experience

Customize the look and feel of the application with a customized branded portal. Embedded and Complete with your organization’s logo, theme, and culture. Organize information for new hires to view based on the job position, location, and hire type to provide all required information including teams, organization structure, add a mentor, provide information on benefits and campus. Let them know what a typical first day or week or 30 days will look like. Provide orientation videos and welcome messages from the CEO, Team leads, and more.

10. Manuals, Training Videos, and Help Desks

Online context-sensitive help, guides, self-paced training videos, and a help desk that allows users to learn more about the solution. Also comes with the added benefit of a dedicated support team providing 24/7 support.

EMP Trust features

EMP Trust HR Onboarding will be seamlessly integrated with Lever. This means that you get:

  • Secure integration with Lever and EMP Trust Onboarding Platform
  • Real time data updates. You only have to input the data once, and it will immediately update the other system.
  • Bi-Directional: Automatic updates on the system when data is imputed.

This is a specialized integration that is built, managed, and supported by the EMP Trust team. If you would like more information or help with this integration, please contact EMP Trust.

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