Automate Candidate Onboarding into your choice of HCM, Identity Directory, and ITSM for Day One Employee Productivity

About Aquera

Each year, Aquera automates tens of millions of joiner, mover, leaver transactions for millions of workers across the world with the Aquera Platform. Worker on-/off-boarding to IT from HR applications and candidate and payroll-related processes between HRIS applications are automated in real-time. Lever is integrated into any HCM of choice for candidate onboarding, any ITSM for early onboarding ticketing for long lead items, and any identity directory (Active Directory, Okta, Entra ID...) for user account provisioning for both Lever users and any other applications (800+ applications are supported) needed for early access prior to day one of employment.

Aquera features

The Aquera platform provides an out-of-the-box integration with to synchronize candidates (along with user, employee, and opportunity information) and their status changes in Lever with your HCM, identity management platform, and ITSM ticketing application.

Benefits include:

  • Automated candidate onboarding from Lever to your HCM of choice, your identity directory, and ITSM for day one employee productivity.
  • Automating ITSM ticket generation to provision/order resources (laptops, etc.) and application access for candidates prior to day one of employment.
  • Automatically Revoke access to close security gaps, reclaim resources (laptops, licenses, etc.) or reverse work tickets that have been generated for candidates that have been onboarded to IT, but do not join.
  • Synchronize candidate information across applications including payroll or other HR, Finance, or IT applications.
  • Reduce overall operational costs and human error.

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