Automatically deliver tailored employee experiences without any extra work

About Aboard

Aboard is a platform that helps teams deliver exceptional employee experiences. Whether it’s onboarding, offboarding, role transitions, or relocations, we’ve reimagined HR & People programs to create tailored journeys that match your people.

With Aboard you can automate tasks, coordinate all team members, and provide the new employee with an experience like never before.

Aboard features

The Aboard and Lever integration enables teams to do more with less. As soon as candidates are marked as hired within Lever, they'll be automatically added into Aboard and their new employee journey will be automatically drafted, and activated.

New employees will receive a tailored onboarding experience depending on their role / department / location they're joining. On the new hire's first day, and throughout their experience, Aboard is their go-to tool with tasks they need to do, people they need to meet and resources they need to read or watch!

Aboard - Walkthrough

Aboard screenshots

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