Digital onboarding portals

About Boilerplate

Use branded portals to collect itemized digital onboarding document requests. Create reusable, persona-based checklists including digital forms, PDFs (offer letters, NDAs, W-4, I-9, etc.), e-signatures, itemized file requests, and outside links (trainings, payroll setup, background checks, etc). Includes automated tracking, reminders, and credential expiration alerts. Configurable for different states and roles (full time, part time, credentialed, contractors, etc). Mobile-friendly.

Particularly valuable when hiring in fields that require extra documentation from staff (healthcare, education, construction, finance, etc.)

Boilerplate features

The Boilerplate integration with Lever exports contacts into Boilerplate and initiates sending onboarding checklists.

  • Onboarding portals
  • Itemized file requests
  • Digital forms
  • FIllable PDFs and e-signatures
  • Real-time tracking dashboard
  • Automated and manual reminders

Boilerplate HR Demo

Boilerplate screenshots

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