Background Testing, Drug, Clinical, and Occupation Health screening solutions that are the Better, Easier, Faster, and Safer solution for your customers.

About ClearStar

ClearStar is the leading provider of modern, technology enabled, background, drug, clinical, and occupational health screening solutions, domestically and globally. Our solution is seamlessly integrated with Lever, offering a Better, Easier, Faster, and Safer solution for you and your customers.

ClearStar features

The ClearStar integration allows users to easily initiate domestic and global background checks and drug screenings directly from their Lever instance. The integration also provides status updates and the completed screening report to be accessible from within Lever.

1. ClearStar’s better technology solution is far beyond standard background screening tech. We don’t just offer background screening technology. We offer a modern, completely integrated platform, including Background, Clinical, Drug and Occupational Health screening services in a single sign on, frictionless, solution, domestically and globally, as the industries first GDPR-ready, globally native platform.

There is a reason dozens of other screening firms in the industry use our technology and fulfillment services, we have industry leading Net Promotor Scores, and are a 4X HRO Bakers Dozen Award winning enterprise workplace screen program provider. Our tech is proven to be the Better option.

2. ClearStar’s solution is easier for candidates, companies, and you as a partner. One example is our 100% US based service teams. Your valuable customers and their critically important candidates won’t be dealing with offshore contact centers. 100% US based customer service is extremely rare in our industry, and unheard of amongst the larger players in the space and companies our size.

That means you as a partner, or your customers, don’t have to worry about the concern, phone calls, complaints, service issues that so often result from offshore service experiences. From a service perspective, we do have a better approach, we are easier to deal with for you, your customers, and their candidates, and our NPS scores and industry awards prove it.

Our solution is easier as it’s a candidate focused, modern, design with a single invitation experience that is fully mobile and text enabled. Our focus on the candidate experience makes it easier for candidates to submit the necessary information to complete their background, drug, clinical, or occupational health screens.

ClearStar’s solution is easier as we have over 50 pre-built integrations, including our seamless integration with Lever. We know how to make integrations work well. That makes it easier for companies to implement our solution without a ton of costly implementation time or effort.

3. Being better, and easier, enables ClearStar’s solution to be faster.

As one single provider for all background, drug, clinical, and occupational health screening solutions, with a modern candidate focused tech and design, your customers and their candidates only have to interact with one platform to solve for all their background and health screening needs. No more going to multiple providers, switching from provider to provider. That isn’t better, it isn’t easy, and it definitely isn’t fast.

ClearStar’s solution is automation enabled, with digital identity verification, and is e-signature equipped. Also, we maintain a drug, clinical, and occupational health testing network that is unmatched in its size and growing every day, offering over 2X the options of the next closest alternative in the space, and has smart, location based, modern routing capability and candidate friendly clinic ratings that are easily accessed.

4. ClearStar is the Safer Solution in our industry. In today’s day and age, with the endless cycle of regulatory and compliance changes, breaches, and lawsuits, this is critically important to many customers. ClearStar is one of a very few companies in our industry that is both PBSA and DATIA (Drug Alcohol Testing Institute of America) certified.

Our team, including a past PBSA president, are very active in the industry and are widely considered leaders in the compliance space, with one of our founders having literally wrote the book in the industry, the Safe Hiring Manual. In addition, our expert compliance team produces one of the industry’s most well read monthly compliance updates, enabling our customers and partners to stay on top of the ever changing compliance landscape. .

In addition to our PBSA and DATIA certifications, ClearStar has achieved and maintains ISO 27001, 20018, SOC 2 Type 2, Privacy Shield certifications, and is PCI DSS compliant, GDPR ready, just to name a few, all contributing to our data breach free track record. In terms of certifications, compliance, and our track record, we unequivocally in the top 1% of companies across our industry.

To further ClearStar’s value as the Safer solution, we offer the industries only Assured Compliance solution. This unique offering minimizes the risk for our clients and helps to overcome their most significant compliance challenges. It features automated notices, disclosures and consents, an adverse action portal, is constantly updated as laws change, helps our clients manage the constantly changing national, state, and local legal landscapes, adhere to ban the box requirements, avoid discrimination issues, and ultimately mitigate risk.

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