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About cFIRST

cFIRST is a digital global background verification service provider that helps enterprises of all sizes to hire talent from across 200+ countries leveraging its API-enabled mobile-friendly platform.

cFIRST features

cFIRST-Lever integration allows the user to use a single sign-in to access the entire gamut of talent acquisition services.

Digital-only touchpoints - Our client-candidate portal allows the users to upload the documents and facilitate real-time coordination, eliminating any paperwork and time-intensive human-led processes.

Instant checks - Need an instant verification of a candidate from the Ivy Leagues? We can help you do that. Having conducted over 5 million background verifications and liaisons with top educational institutes and enterprises, cFIRST lets you take advantage of its exhaustive inventory.

Automated processes - cFIRST 's API-enabled model automates standard processes like follow-ups, initial candidate calling, and quality checks, expediting an unabridged onboarding process. Regulatory compliant - With an extensive global experience of working with enterprises of all sizes, we understand the importance of being regulatory compliant and hence support built-in compliance on our portal.

Quality reports - cFIRST follows value-led business practices while maintaining an accurate estimated turnaround time. We are committed to an exceptional character with competence.

Customized packages - Different businesses need different strategies. We sit with you and understand your business, finally creating just the right solution for you with extensive customization opportunities.

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