Effortlessly search and access job postings, opportunities, and candidate information to streamline your hiring process.

About Glean

Search Smarter, Hire Faster

Glean offers a powerful integration with Lever, allowing users to efficiently search for job postings and opportunities within their company. By indexing data and associated permissions from your Lever instance, Glean ensures that you have quick access to important hiring information with ease.

To further enhance your hiring process, Glean also provides GleanChat, a conversational work assistant designed to respond to chat messages in natural language with access to all your Lever data. By levering your data with Glean, you can streamline your hiring process and make well-informed decisions with ease.

Glean features

Unlock Recruitment Insights with Glean's Lever Integration. The Glean integration with Lever indexes data and associated permissions from your Lever instance. Use Glean to search for your company’s external job postings and opportunities (candidates)

  • Swift Intelligent Search: Navigate through candidate profiles and postings effortlessly with Glean's AI search capabilities.

  • Custom Sorting & Filtering: Narrow down your recruitment searches by Hiring Managers, Owners, or Location, ensuring you focus on what matters the most.

  • Glean Chat: Dive into our AI-driven chat interface, intuitively tailored to understand your recruitment needs, supercharged with Lever's data insights.

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