tilr is a talent intelligence platform that automates your organization’s recruitment and hiring processes by giving you the tools to uncover value in your talent network and source top candidates.

About tilr

You have invested time and money to attract high quality candidates to your organization. tilr’s integration with Lever adds value to your talent network by automatically matching candidates with the necessary skills to job openings. tilr’s AI and matching algorithms quickly scan anyone that has ever applied for a role at your organization, in addition to candidates that applied directly to the role. You can also use messaging and scheduling templates to manage communication with candidates.

tilr features

  • Integrate tilr with your Lever account in one click.

  • Quickly and automatically identify candidates that are a match for a job opening based on relevant and transferable skills.

  • View a skills profile of each candidate that tilr distills using AI.

  • Discover candidates based on skills using boolean search.

  • tilr recommends skills that are emerging in the market to consider including in your candidate search

  • Automate and bulk actions to candidates using templated messaging and scheduling interviews

  • Access data about the demand for skills to make informed hiring decisions

  • tilr keeps your candidate information up to date by scanning public databases for updates to your candidates work experience and education.

tilr screenshots

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